Airship Waiting Seat

Airship Waiting Seat
Airship Waiting Seat

Airship Waiting Chair

If you think about the comfort of those waiting in your office, the Airship Waiting Chair is the right choice!

Our people don't like to wait! Who likes to wait? Öespecially if we have transactions?
In normal times, we don't like to wait for anything and we act impatiently. When this is the case, waiting in offices can sometimes turn into something like this.
What about never? Isn't it an office experience you've been waiting for? Is it possible to create a pleasant waiting room?

When you take a look at the pleasant office waiting experiences, you can see that there are some elements that will definitely catch your attention. The concept of time is suspended in the waiting rooms where opportunities such as watching television, listening to music, reading books, reading magazines and playing games are provided. These distracting elements make waiting more fun.
Of course, it is not always possible to provide these opportunities. The most basic and indispensable concept of waiting rooms is “comfort”.  The Zeppelin waiting chair is a model that fully fulfills this rule. The fact that the waiting chair is comfortable means that it has a structure suitable for the anatomy of the waiting people. Detay Office Furniture creates designs by considering the human anatomy in the production of waiting chairs. Therefore, it is possible for you to create a positive waiting room with our models that prioritize the user experience.

Another important condition you need to provide for comfortable customers is air circulation in the environment. The air in the environment should be at room temperature between 24-26 degrees on average. Very cold or very hot office environments and waiting environments will disturb the waiting people and cause them to say things in the waiting room and have negative thoughts about your institution.

You can find detailed information about waiting chair models, prices, patterns, measurements from our customer service.

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