Electro Executive Suit

Electro Executive Suit
Electro Executive Suit

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Did you need a meeting urgently?
You don't need to go anywhere, you can instantly switch to the meeting environment with electro manager.
Take a closer look at this design, which is among the bestsellers of the last 5 years!


The design of Electro Manager, which draws attention with its design among the executive teams, Caner ÖZTÜRK’ It belongs to This model, which carries European lines, is among the best-selling products of the last 5 years. It is also sold in Arab countries, Russia and Azerbaijan.

One of the most important features of this table is the need for an extra table to hold a meeting; is not heard. With its wide square design, it is possible to add different colleagues to the table whenever you want to hold a meeting. With its wide working area, it will provide a very comfortable working environment for your individual uses as well. With its thin and elegant lines, it does not tire the eyes and has high energy.

Although it is elegantly and thinly designed, it is supported by thick aluminum from the bottom and is an extremely solid product. The grill image on the side of Electro, which has managed to make itself known with its office furniture design; It is not only a model, but also a panel made to prevent your computer cases from overheating. In this way, your computers will not malfunction by overheating and you can work efficiently for a longer time.

There is a section reserved for executive bags on the side of the shelf.
With drawers, all your redundant documents will be eliminated. You will also be able to hide your electric evenings with Electro. Because you can work in a very clean environment without any electrical cables visible in your office. It has a special compartment to organize all electrical cables.

Made from melamine. Generally, the color in the sample is preferred, but optionally, it can be used in corporate colors and in different colors. This model has about 20 different color alternatives.

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