Rio Line 02 Workstation

Rio Line 02 Workstation

Rio Line 02 Workstation

Rio Line, which is an outstanding model among staff desks, is indispensable for prestigious offices with its useful structure. It makes your office look wider and brighter with its fresh colors. Rio Line staff desk is extremely suitable for double occupancy. There is a panel between the working areas of the two personnel. This panel also aims to prevent the telephone conversations and voices of both personnel from reflecting on each other. Therefore, the top of the panels is covered with porous products. The sound hitting the surface of porous products loses its initial effect and softens, and a more comfortable working environment is provided in a quieter environment.

Rio Line is an extremely modern design in terms of its structure. Therefore, it is in high demand by European Countries. Especially the colors used and special foot designs aesthetic appearance; are the parts that provide. The optional front grille can also be used in this model and the image can be It has an elegant front panel.

As in our other staff desks, our Rio Line staff desk also needs a staff member. The equipment that you can hear is also available on this table. Filing, private storage compartments, private locker are also available in this version.

Special designs in office furniture

New generation designs in office furniture, and now personal and corporate designs have become popular. While more standard designs were used in the past, we can say that the search for originality and the fact that the designs differentiated the companies started the special design period in furniture as well.
The biggest advantage of custom design furniture is that it allows you to accurately reflect your corporate image or personal image. In the design that the designers will make according to your office, they will give you an eye on the layout of your office, the color distribution in your office and the brightness. They can do exercises. Or, you can have your office furniture produced according to your wishes by giving the designers your own drawings and measurements.
For more detailed information about custom design in office furniture, please contact our customer representative.


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