Rio Line Staff Desk

Rio Line Staff Desk

Rio Line

If you're looking for a staff-specific desk, Rio Line is for you!
Preserve the prestige of your staff with the staff table with modern lines with its bright color selection and spacious structure!

You can see that this staff desk, which is one of the Rio Line series designs, has an integrated structure when viewed from the front. It is in a combined structure, connected to each other with its cabinet, top plate and table legs. This look carries the design to minimal lines. Rio Line, a European design, has a separate aesthetic appearance with the grilles on the front panel; offers. It is a design that can meet all the needs of the personnel. There are sections where files, documents and personal belongings can be placed. Cable outlets can be made from the section reserved on the table for electronic devices. Thus, no cable crowds are visible on the table. It is an ideal office desk design for those who want to work at a regular desk. The color generally used in these models is white. However, it is possible to work in different colors upon request.

Positioning of office furniture and electronic devices

Electronic devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, spare chargers, faxes, scanners, etc. have almost become a part of personal use. The intensive use of electronic devices also tells us that we need to make some adjustments in office furniture designs. In our new designs, we take into account the requirements of the modern office and shape our designs accordingly and create extra spaces in office furniture. Now there are definitely special areas for such devices on staff desks, however, we create electrical channels for the cables of the chargers and input and output cables of these devices. Thanks to the electrical channels, devices can be used without any cable clutter. For these products, which usually get very hot, we also try to create ventilation sections as much as our designs allow. The creation of ventilation aims to protect us from negative situations with the effect of preventing the devices from being damaged by overheating.

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