Stable Meeting Table

Stable Meeting Table

Stable Meeting Table

Stable is the right choice for a simple, elegant and modern meeting table.
You can hold your humble meetings at this meeting table where modern lines and colors are dominant. It is designed at a level that can accommodate meetings of 6 people when used at full capacity. Stable literally means stable, stable, solid. When you examine our design, you can notice that it has a solid stance. Specific to this model Extra strength to the stance of our meeting table with our leg design we designed. we added.
With its stable, spacious color tones, it is in a structure to adapt to almost any office. When used in dark walls and narrow offices, it will make your office look more spacious and wider. It can be used easily in light color offices and large offices as well as being compatible with dark areas.
Stable meeting table can be produced in different sizes optionally. If your office sizes are different from the standard sizes, you can communicate with the Detay Office Furniture customer representatives and convey the dimensions you want and your order will be sent to you specially. ;You can make it happen.

Office furniture and special measurement use

When determining the dimensions of office furniture, the position of the model is closely related to its style and target audience. Design experts determine the dimensions of the models they design by examining variables such as the living conditions and office environments of the segment to which the furniture model appeals. In addition, details that have almost standard values such as the heights of the tables and the width of the drawers generally maintain close values. Measures are generally considered close to standard uses, and special measures are not used unless they are very specific products. However, if the office dimensions of the people who will buy the products are not in harmony with the models, all office furniture is resized and made compatible with the office by making special dimensions.

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