Electro 02 Workstation

Electro 02 Workstation

Electro Workstation 02

Electro Work personnel desk contains all the details that a personnel may need. Cabinets and drawers prepared for office use will help office workers to accommodate their excess paperwork. There are areas that can be used for electronic devices and a special grill ventilated section to put the computer case under the table. In this design, cable excesses are reduced from cable expenses and the image is displayed. pollution is öprevented.
There is a panel partition between the double-sided electro work staff tables. The panel sections prevent the speaking voices of the staff working side by side from getting mixed up and distracting each other. Materials with a porous structure are used on the panels. Thanks to these pores, the sound that hits the surface is swallowed and the sound is absorbed.

Can office furniture be designed according to office workers?

Office furniture has a wide selection network in terms of design. You can come across hundreds of alternative office furniture models. Office workers are an element that is taken into consideration in furniture designs, while making designs, features are added or removed by keeping the usage areas in mind. Therefore, it is not difficult to find suitable office furniture for office workers. You will surely come across a design suitable for your use. However, if you still cannot find the design you want, the design team steps in at this point. New models can be designed according to the features you want, or existing models can be arranged according to your wishes.

The most common design problem in offices is the problem of size. Designs are appreciated, but the use of designs whose dimensions are not suitable is out of the question. For this reason, resizing and placement studies are carried out. Additional drawers, coffee tables, etc. accessories can be requested in any design or minor changes can be requested on these accessories. By making configurations in accordance with the demands of the companies, designs that integrate with the company are revealed and presented to your use.

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