Exa workstation

Exa workstation

Exa Workstation

Exawork multi-desk desk is an extremely modern and stylish office furniture that impresses with its design. This design, which looks like a crosshair when viewed from above, actually targets a square area when considered integrated. It is a dynamic design where you can create a usage area for 4 different personnel without spending too much space in your office. The colors used on the product are very soft, not tiring on the eyes, reflecting modernism. It is designed in such a way that your personnel can easily exchange files and establish eye contact when necessary. The panels supported by the glass partition between the tables are placed so that the daily work routine conversations between the staff do not distract each other. Each staff has a special drawer for their own use. Tables “L” type positioning provides flexibility in terms of usage area.

Common features of the prominent models among office furniture

In office furniture designs, a new design is created every day and thousands of new products are launched around the world every day; possible to say. All these new models, of course, reach the buyer in their own right and are sold to some masses, but there are some models that are preferred by much larger masses and these models take their place in world fashion. If we consider the common features that make these products, which we call export models, popular, they have inclusive designs and their uniqueness is evident.

One of the sought-after features in office furniture designs is "authenticity". Users prefer furniture designs that will make them feel more special, instead of models that are not unique and each one is similar to the other. People who want to create an identity in their offices prefer original and new generation designs.

Another feature of the featured models is that they contain extra features suitable for needs. Extra features such as being resistant to water, shock and scratching, having special varnishing, having drawers, cabinets, personal belongings compartments, electronic device compartments are also more prominent than other models of these models. ;makes it come out.

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